Granza de TPV Elastoprene

New materials, recyclable, lighter and respecting the environment

The Group Elastorsa has the future in mind and directs its development towards the investigation of new materials: lighter, easy to process, recyclable and respecting the environment. 

Our TPV ELASTOPRENE ® is the result of our investigation. TPV is a thermoplastic polymer belonging to the TPE family. Like the TPE, its composition is based on polypropylene and EPDM rubber, but in the case of the TPV ELASTOPRENE ® the EPDM has been vulcanized dynamically. 

TPV ELASTOPRENE ® is available in several grades of hardness and is sold as a granulate and packaged according to the requirements of the customer. It is worked with standard plastic (polypropylene) transformation machinery. We have adequate grades for different transformation process extrusion, molding by injection and extrusion-blowing.

TPV ELASTOPRENE ® allows to manufacture parts with elastic properties similar to the ones made of vulcanized rubber and superior to traditional plastics. It is recyclable and reusable in the transformation process, with an important weight reduction, and a great improvement and profitability of the process.

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